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HSSC CET Computer Mock Test 05

HSSC CET Computer Mock Test 05

IndiaNewJobs Provide Daily One Free Mock Test For HSSC CET Exam Preparation Click On Given Below Start Quiz Button For Attempt This Mock Test 

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HSSC CET Computer Mock Test 05

1. A computer is a/ an _____________ device.
2. What is the full form of RAM?
3. CPU stands for _______________________________.
4. Where is data stored in a computer?
5. What is that input device used to type text and numbers on a document in the computer system?
6. Name the computer part that helps a user to hear information from the system.
7. RAM is a __________________ memory.
8. What does ROM stand for?
9. _____________ is an output device that displays information on the computer screen.
10. Which is the input device that allows a user to move the cursor or pointer on the screen?
HSSC CET Computer Mock Test 05
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