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BLIS Internship Alternative Report download 2024 PDF Ready To Submit

BLIS Internship Alternative Report Download 2024:- If you are unable to participate in the IGNOU BLIS (Bachelor of Library and Information Science) internship program, there are several alternative options that you can consider.

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BLIS Course Overview

Admission Organization IGNOU
Post Name IGNOU Librarian Admission
Application Type Online
Course Medium Hindi / English
Official Website Ignou.Ac.In
Admission Location Nearest Study Center
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  1. Internships at other organizations: Look for library and information science internships at other libraries, archives, museums, or other organizations in your area. Many libraries and archives offer internships to students and recent graduates.
  2. Volunteer opportunities: Consider volunteering at a local library, museum, or other cultural institution. Volunteering can be a great way to gain experience in the field and make connections.
  3. Online courses and certifications: There are several online courses and certifications available in the library and information science that you can take to learn about the subject. Some popular options include Library Juice Academy, San Jose State University School of Information, and ALA eLearning.
  4. Local library groups and meetups: Joining local library groups and attending meetups can also be a great way to learn about library and information science and connect with other professionals in the field. Check out websites like or LinkedIn to find library groups in your area.
  5. Independent research projects: Consider conducting an independent research project on a topic related to library and information science. This can be a great way to develop your research skills and gain experience in the field.

Remember, when it comes to learning about library and information science, there are many different paths to choose from. Whether it’s through internships, volunteering, online courses, local groups, or independent research projects, the key is to keep learning and practising. Good luck!

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