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History Of Hisar City Haryana हिसार जिले का इतिहास

History Of Hisar City Haryana

History Of Hisar City Haryana :- The history of Hisar is very ancient. Hisar has been known since the time of Emperor Ashoka. He had built a stupa at this place to spread his religion. Many marble temples were also built here from his time.

Hisar was named ‘Hisar-e-Firoza’ which was named after the Mughal emperor Firoz Shah Tughlaq. During the Mughal period, Hisar became an important city from where oil, walnuts and other commodities were consumed.

हिसार एयरपोर्ट भर्ती 2023

It was at Hisar in 1762 where the Marathas defeated the army of Najib-ud-daulah. Thereafter, the Hisar region retained Muslim control until the time of Ahmad Shah Abdali, the last ruler of the Delhi Sultanate.

During the British rule, Hisar became a major district. During the revolution of 1857, an important battle took place in Hisar in which the British army was defeated by the local population.History Of Hisar City Haryana हिसार जिले का इतिहास

After independence, Hisar became a major city in the state of Haryana.

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